San Gorgonio Ballet School offers professional classical training for children 6 years of age and older and adults  18 and older. Beginning Levels through Advanced Levels for recreation, enjoyment and professional dancing careers.

Trainee Program

The San Gorgonio Ballet Trainee Program is a highly motivated professional dance program for the serious dancer with aspirations to pursue a professional career in classical ballet.

Trainee students are admitted into the program by audition or invitation once a certain level accomplishment has been achieved.

Students in the Trainee Program are assigned a class schedule by the Artistic Director. Trainee students are required to take all assigned classes in order to remain in the program. Illness or emergency are the only acceptable absences. Because the Trainee Program is a serious program for dancers desiring a professional career in dance, trainee students are expected to keep up their homework on their own time. School homework is not an acceptable excuse for absence. Sports and other outside activity that can cause injury or conflict with classical training are highly discouraged. Eight absences are allowed per year. Excessive absence will result in dismissal from the Trainee Program.

The Trainee Program is only available for students at Level II and above.


 Technique classes consist of a Barre, Centre and Across the Floor. Providing proper warming of muscles, understanding the proper body placement and posture and the skills to executing the very basic to highly advanced movements.

Tech I

This class is designed for beginning youth with little to no previous training. They learn the very basics of a technique class. Body Placement, positions, connecting steps, jumps and terminology.

Tech I – II

This class is designed for students transitioning from Level I to Level II. This is not a combination of levels class. Students work on familiar movements while preparing for new steps they will find in Level II.

Tech II

Requirements to enter this level are that students have a basic understanding of body placement and execute this during the very basic of movements. Students must take two technique classes a week. Students may be considered to begin Pre Pointe class and begin Stretch and Strength class.

Tech III

To enter this level students must have retained and execute consistent placement and have the understanding of technique and execute during most movements. Students are required to take Three Technique classes, One – Two Pointe classes as well as the Stretch and Strength class per week.

Tech IV

Students will be required to take Technique class Five to Six Times, Pointe class Four Times and Stretch and Strength One to Two Times per week. Students must have abilities to retain short to long combinations and execute each movement with muscle strength and strong technique.

Tech V

Level V is the highest in our curriculum. This requires students to have accomplished the proper memory, strength and technique necessary in Classical Ballet. Throughout this study students are working at a pre professional level preparing to transfer into the professional world of ballet. Students will be required to take Technique and Pointe class Six Times per week and the Stretch and Strength One to Two Times per week.

Pre Pointe

This class prepares a young female student to work en pointe. They will work on specially designed exercises at the Barre, Centre and Across the Floor in soft shoes (Ballet Shoes)  developing the proper strength and control that is required to dance en pointe. This class requires the students to have at least two years of classical training , have arrived at Level II and have a basic understanding of body placement and execute this during the very basic of movements. Male students may take this class to improve feet strength and flexibility.  Students will need evaluation and approval by the Artistic Director.


Pointe class is a specially designed class of Barre and Centre to progress from Intermediate levels to Advanced levels. Retaining the strength and control to execute all dance moments en pointe. This class also requires evaluation and approval by the Artistic Director.

Stretch and Strength

This class is structured towards providing additional training and development of strength and flexibility that a Classical Dancer needs.  It begins  with floor and standing exercises focusing on all individual areas of the body. Then moves on to stretches focusing on all the same areas of the body.  This class is also open to those with no previous training, 8 years of age or older.

Adult Program

This program provides Adults with little or no training three classes.

Technique Class

Stretch and Strength Class

Power Class

Power Class is a Classical Cardio Class consisting of a continuous Barre, Stretch, Center and Across The Floor. Finishing with a Cool Down.

Focusing on conditioning your body in developing and retaining muscle tone, flexibility, balance, stamina and breathing endurance.