San Gorgonio Ballet
Company school of
Dance provides a
professional training
program with
emphasis on superb
technical training in
classical ballet and
other related dance
forms. Classes are
available from
beginning ballet
through professional

The San Gorgonio
Ballet Company
School of Dance is
dedicated to the
instruction and
inspiration of dancers.
Students are exposed
at an early age to the
professional attitude
and intensive training
essential to a career
in dance. Our
structured sequence
of study develops the
strength and flexibility
of pure classical
technique that is the
foundation for a
career in dance.

Our highly
professional staff
instills love , respect,
and appreciation for
dance as a valuable
art form. San Gorgonio
Ballet Company
School of Dance
students acquire
confidence, grace,
poise, discipline,
focus, and high self
esteem that will last
throughout their
lifetime whether or
not they choose a
career in dance.
Children's Division (Levels I through V)

Dance students are given a structured level program beginning
with the basics of proper technique, terminology, and class
etiquette ( level I). As dancers progress they learn connecting
steps, and correct placement (levels I-II). They
begin to accomplish longer combinations and build stamina.  The
Intermediate levels (III-V) are for students that have progressed
beyond basic level and require a minimum of two classes (level II)
and three classes (level III-IV) a  week. Placement is determined by
age and ability. Jazz classes are offered to ballet students at age 7
and up..
The Professional Division

The professional Division (level V through professional) offers
daily intensive instruction at an advanced level for the serious
student that is pursuing a professional career in dance or a
university degree. This division offers pointe, pas de deux, and
variations classes as well as advanced jazz movement.
Modern/Jazz Classes

We offer jazz classes in all divisions allowing dancers to
experience music and movement other than classical and ballet. In
jazz, technique and terminology are developed through levels and
placement is determined by ability rather than age.
Beginning Adult
Classes Available
240 West Ramsey Street Banning CA 92220
<> fax 951/ 922-8830

San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of Dance does not discriminate on the basis of  race, religion,
national origin, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

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