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San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of Dance provides a professional training program with emphasis on superb technical training in classical ballet and other
related dance forms. Classes from beginner through advanced levels.

San Gorgonio Ballet School of Dance is dedicated to the instruction and inspiration of dancers. Students are exposed at an early age to the professional attitude and
intensive training essential to a career in dance, Our structured sequence of study develops the strength and flexibility of pure classical technique that is the
foundation necessary for a career in dance.

Our highly skilled professional staff instills love, respect, and appreciation for dance as a valuable art form. San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of Dance students
acquire confidence, grace, poise, discipline, focus, and high self esteem that will last throughout their lifetime whether or not they choose a career in dance.

San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of Dance does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.
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The San Gorgonio Ballet School Trainee Program is a highly motivated professional dance program for the serious dancer. Trainee students work in an intense yet
friendly and enjoyable atmosphere as they prepare for a career in dance

Trainee students are admitted into the program by audition or invitation once a level of accomplishment has been achieved.

Students in the trainee program are assigned a class schedule by the Artistic Director, Trainee students are required to take all assigned classes in order to remain
in the program. Illness or emergency are the only acceptable absences. Because the trainee program is a serious program for dancers desiring a professional
career in dance, trainee students are expected to keep up their school homework on their own time. School homework is not an acceptable excuse for being absent.
Outside school activities are not an acceptable excuse for absence. Sports and other outside activity that can cause injury or conflict with classical training are highly
discouraged. Six absences are allowed per year, excessive absence will result in dismissal from the trainee program.


The San Gorgonio Ballet Junior Company is a select group of young dancers that have exhibited the talent, focus, dedication, and desire required for a career in
classical dance.

Junior Company dancers have their own repertoire. They perform at many local functions and are given opportunities to perform with San Gorgonio Ballet Company.

San Gorgonio Ballet Junior Company holds yearly auditions. Students are also allowed to apply from time to time throughout the year and are sometimes invited to
participate by the Artistic Director.
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1. San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of dance is dedicated to the instruction and inspiration of serious dancers. It is essential that directors, instructors, parents,
and students work together to support these goals. We encourage you to bring us your concerns and questions, however, NEVER interrupt instructors during class or
discuss these issues in reception areas. We will gladly schedule a meeting with instructor through the office. Matters that require further attention will be referred to
the artistic director.

2.  Show respect and good manners to teachers, staff, parents, volunteers, and each other at all times. Bring any complaints or issues to the office. NO Bad language
or unruly behavior will be tolerated. Gossip is cruel and not tolerated, so avoid it! Leave egos outside! We are all special and important here.

3.  The Artistic Director must approve students for class level. Promotions will be given on the recommendation by the instructor with approval of the Artistic Director.
Yearly evaluations and Parent meetings will be scheduled.

4.  Instructors reserve the right to dismiss a student found to be disruptive to the class.

5.   Parents may view classes the first week of every month only.

6.  Always call if you are going to be late or absent. Students that are 15 minutes late are required to watch class and take notes.

7.  Students are expected to be ready to attend classes on time. Please arrive early enough (15 minutes) to be on the dance floor when class begins.

8.   NO walking through studios when class is in session. Dancers and staff only allowed on the dance floor.

9.   NO FOOD, OR DRINKS in the studios other than in the student lounge. Students are not allowed in the company lounge area. Please leave all trash items (food
wrappers, drink cups etc.) in the large trash container in the entry way. NO GUM ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING!

10.  Photography and videography is strictly prohibited.

11.  Students must wear street clothes over their dance wear when entering and leaving the building. DO NOT have your student wear only their leotard, tights, and
dance shoes outside of the building. Have a skirt or pants & top to wear over dancewear. For safety purposes students must be picked up and dropped off inside the
building. Parents please be on time for pick ups. NEVER honk , call out, or wave for a student from the parking areas. Students will be released only to responsible
party(s) listed on the enrollment sheet unless otherwise approved by the responsible party. We recommend a “Code” word  pick up system for you and your student.
Choose a word  that only you and your student know. Student will be instructed not to leave with anyone that does not know the code word or phrase. .
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Ballet I / Ballet II

Girls wear black leotard, pink tights, pink shoes

Boys wear black tights, shorts, or sweat pants, White tee or tank shirt, black or white socks, black ballet shoes, dance belt.

Ballet III Trainee

Girls  wear Royal Blue leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes.

Boys  wear black tights, white tee or tank shirt, black or white split sole ballet shoes, black or white socks, dance belt.

Ballet IV Trainee

Girls  wear light blue leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes.

Boys  wear black tights, white tee or tank shirt, black or white split sole ballet shoes, black or white socks, dance belt.

Ballet V

Girls  wear lilac (Light purple) leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes.

Boys  wear black tights, white tee or tank shirt, black or white split sole ballet shoes, black or white socks, dance belt.


Black leotard (boys wear black tee or tank shirt) black tights , black jazz shoes. NO jazz boots/sneakers! Jazz pants may be worn in Jazz Class Only!

Hair must be pulled back from face and neatly secured in a bun. NO long bangs or wispy ends..

NO large or dangly earings, watches, or other jewelry allowed in class.

Keep finger and toe nails properly groomed and at a reasonable length, Extra long nails can cause injury to ones self and other dancers. NO dark or or bright colored
nail polish or nail art. These things distract from the proper focus on your training.

Pointe shoes are worn only with approval of the instructor.

Approved warm ups may be worn at the barre up to round de jambe only.

Open class students dress code is the same as levels I & II
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There is a $12.00 audition/placement class fee due at time of application. A $30.00 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month. No refunds, credits or adjustments will be made for missed or unused classes. This includes holidays, voluntary
withdrawal, missed or unused classes., illness or expulsion. No exceptions!

Make up classes are available for missed classes and should be taken in the month of the absence unless otherwise arranged with the office. Should student need
to miss a class please notify the office as soon as possible. Make up classes will be allowed only if prior notice of absence is given.

A late fee of $15.00 will apply after the 5th day of the month. There is a $25.00 returned check fee.

Private lessons are available. Fees and times are to be arranged with instructor.

Classes attended by three or less students may be subject to shorter class time or cancellation. Make up classes will be available for cancelled classes.

The school will be closed on major holidays. There will be a summer break. Summer break dates will be posted on the call board by May 1st.

Thirty days notice is required when removing student from the school, otherwise a $30.00 dropout fee will be charged.

Financial scholarships are available to qualified students depending on fund availability. Merit Scholarships can be awarded to students that have shown focus,
dedication, talent, and ability for a professional career in dance. All scholarships are sponsored by San Gorgonio Ballet Company, a 501 3 c nonprofit professional
company and subject to approval by the Artistic Director. Scholarship students are  required to attend San Gorgonio Ballet Company School of Dance only.
Scholarships are re evaluated yearly.
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