San Gorgonio Ballet Company is
founded on the belief that the  Arts and in
particular the art of ballet and dance is an
important element of the cultural community.
We are dedicated to the preservation and
presentation of the art of  ballet and dance.
We are further dedicated to the belief that
all should have
access to the art of ballet and dance. To
providing opportunity to train and perform in a
professional atmosphere or to attend  
professional ballet performances.
To providing nondiscriminatory scholarships,
seminars, classes,
exhibitions, performances, festivals, and
competitions for the dancer and dance patron
regardless of financial need
2003 - 2013
"Taking the Art of Classical Dance
Into the Future"
Celebrating 10 Years
of Dance

Your Donation will help  San Gorgonio Ballet Company and School to continue bringing the Art of dance available to young and old alike
in the San Gorgonio Pass by providing scholarships to all young dance students  allowing them the exposure and training.  To allow us to
continue to provide young and old alike with access to beautiful  time honored classical ballet performances as well as exciting new works
combing student dancers and highly skilled professionals together on stage thereby enriching both dancer and audience...

San Gorgonio Ballet is a 501 c3 NonProfit Organization
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